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Girls Pissing Tube

Go-Girl is probably the best-known FUD and can be found in the camping section in Walmart stores around the country. The silicone funnel is flexible, so you can shape the device to provide a relatively large urinal. Because it is wide, you may need to pull your pants down further than is comfortable, especially in mixed company. We found that because it flexes so easily, you need to be careful not to lose your seal when you adjust your grip. We like that It folds easily back into a compact tube that can be used to store it discreetly in your pack.

girls pissing tube

The Sunany comes in six different colors and is similar in style to the Go-Girl but is made with a narrower body and comes with a 4.75-inch extension tube at no extra cost. We appreciate that you also get a storage pouch to store it in when not being used. It is important to note that the bag is not waterproof so you have to make sure to dry the Sunany off well before putting it away.

When selecting a FUD, make sure to read about the care and storage guidelines indicated for each. For example, the GoGirl can be folded into a small size, placed inside a plastic baggy, and inserted back into the tube that it came in. The Pibella is made of hard plastic so cannot be folded into a smaller size, but it does come with a zip pouch.

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The urethra is the tube that lets urine leave your bladder and your body. If you were assigned male at birth, your urethra passes through your prostate and into your penis. If you were assigned female at birth, your urethra is much shorter. It runs from your bladder to open in front of your vagina.

Each kidney has an outer layer called the cortex, which contains filtering units. The center part of the kidney, the medulla (pronounced: meh-DUH-luh), has fan-shaped structures called pyramids. These drain urine into cup-shaped tubes called calyxes (pronounced: KAY-luh-seez).

From the calyxes, pee travels out of the kidneys through the ureters (pronounced: YUR-uh-ters) to be stored in the bladder (a muscular sac in the lower belly). When a person urinates, the pee exits the bladder and goes out of the body through the urethra (pronounced: yoo-REE-thruh), another tube-like structure. The male urethra ends at the tip of the penis; the female urethra ends just above the vaginal opening.

Each of the nephrons contain a filter called the glomerulus (pronounced: gluh-MER-yuh-lus). The fluid that is filtered out from the blood then travels down a tiny tube-like structure called a tubule (pronounced: TOO-byool). The tubule adjusts the level of salts, water, and wastes that will leave the body in the urine. Filtered blood leaves the kidney through the renal vein and flows back to the heart.

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