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"Hannibal" - Free BESTstyle Rap Beat Dark Boom Bap Type Beat

The belligerence of the tape's opening titular freestyle reflects a harder Makonnen than casual listeners may be used to, though his druggy lifestyle professing tempers some of that. An overnight celebrity, he's defensive towards those who want a piece of him, whether that be the media or his Atlanta acquaintances. It's an odd note to start on given his propensity for weirdo pop. The power of 'Tuesday' was the simplicity of its (im)perfect hook, and though he's clearly interested in that lightning striking twice he doesn't have much luck with it. On 'Super Clean' he slurs like a promising hybrid of Bushwick Bill and P.M. Dawn's Prince Be, though he squanders the glinting beat with a throwaway chorus of dull vulgarity. He's willing to pivot towards being a millennial Rick James ('Get Loose With Me,' 'Other Guys') but it's important to recall that while Makonnen' singing voice is unique, it's not necessarily, you know,good.

"Hannibal" - Freestyle Rap Beat | Dark Boom Bap Type Beat

The Queens native got some deserved love and attention back in 2013 with pair of boro-repping tapes. The sequel to the latter of these, Raw Dope 2 expands the rapper's production base as he continues to find his footing in the crowded marketplace of young guns enamored with the old school. It's tough spot to be in, especially in light of well-received recent releases from New New York's graduating classmates Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$, respectively. But there is hope in Dope, and from the 14 tracks here he's got no reason to give that up. 'Where It At' basks in the kush groove, while 'Vibrant Soul' subtly nods toward a certain, erm, vivrant thing. Tom Misch helps him stay on that Q-Tip tip with 'Piano,' a track that's jazzy in the Tribe sense of the word not the Kendrick sense. Hannibal King's criminally brief 'Sit Back' at least gets a little weird and acidic. The selected single by way of music video, 'The Manifesto' lifts a most lyrical Dope over a modernized boom bap beat by Mike Device and SXMPLELIFE. 041b061a72


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