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Lighten Up Your Weight
Longevity Blueprint Quest

A Complete Mind-Body Program for Achieving, Maintaining Better Health & 

Will Make the Rest of Your Life A Healthier & Happier Experience!

Improve Your Health & Well-Being As We Work Together To

Boost your Immunologic System, Re-Shape Your Body, Lose Weight, 

Decrease Stress, Create More Vitality So, You Can Shine from Inside Out!

There exists within you a person who is healthy, is youthful, free from disease, is lighter in mind body and spirit and together we are going to find her.

Why This Program

Open Doors to a New Beginning 

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What To Eat, How to Eat, What To Avoid, What Is The Right Food  Work For You, Meditation Technique For You, How To Take Care Of Yourself The Natural Way, The Secret Mantras To Suit Your Needs – Everything You Can Think Of Is Right Here.

“Do You Feel Like You’re In A Secret Battle For Your Health?

  • Are you tired of suffering daily stress?

  • Going through one diet after another without getting the results you want?

  • Are you sick and tired from being sick and tired? 

  • Do having difficulty sleeping?

  • Do you have low energy to do the things that you desire?

  • Do you experience too much or too little physical activity, chronic stressdepression, lack of sleep, seasonal allergies, daily processed food intake yet having nutrient deficiencies?

  • Are you confused about what to eat and what is actually healthy? 

  • Do you use food as a comfort? 


  • Do you feel that you are constantly taking toxins making you sick, breathless, with increased sweating, snoring, inability to cope with physical activity, feeling tired every day, back and joint pains, low confidence and self-esteem and feeling isolated and have an increase the risk of many other health problems?


Your dream healthy body is within you waiting for you, but it is up to you to accept the mission!

Have you ever wished you could discover a guide to reclaim your health, lose weight and become fit that actually worked? Your wish has come true! Lighten Up your Weight is The Ultimate Guide so you can reclaim your health, and experience the lighter and healthier version of yourself.


If you want to discover a way to live a “cleaner” life, reshape and sculpture your body using natural products backed by modern Western medicine this course is perfect for you. 


If you’re looking for a way to lose extra weight, feel great, look great, manage your health, want relief from non-stop stress, sleep issues, or the cycle of unhealthy habits, or simply wish to feel more energetic and joyful, Lighten up Your Weight delivers a highly personalized, whole-being approach for achieving your goals.

“It is time to change your relationship with your self!”

it is time to take the mission to live a better and more fulfilling life transforming your life and live a healthier and happier life in the body that you deserve.  


On this program, you will learn Ayurveda. which is a 5000-years-old system of natural healing that teaches that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all healthcare.



  • Having more energy

  • Being happy with your body 

  • Feeling great with your life challenge and ready to conquer them.


  • Having more energy for the things you want to explore.


  • Feeling wonderful in your skin


  • Slow down aging and eliminate illnesses

what if...  

  • Working together, you will discover a new path to a healthier and lighter you using the ancient healing wisdom of Ayurveda. So, you can look and feel your best, have more energy, and improve your quality of life, prevent premature aging, and avoid serious health risks problems such as diabetes, heart disease, and many other chronic diseases.  

  • With this program, you can also heal your digestive system and other chronic conditions reduce those extra pounds, and gain your confidence back! 

  • All this and more is possible for you! it is in your hands, and I will hold your hand on the way.  

180 Days with Real-Time Coaching so you can return
To Your Natural State of Health & Wellbeing.

Lighten up your Weight Longevity Blueprint is a  6-month online course with Dr. Liliana as your health and wellbeing coach. With more than 20 years of experience in the health field. It gives you the knowledge that you need to create a healthy body that allows you to feel more energetic, stress-free, and in tune with yourself than ever before.  

In Lighten Up Your Weight Longevity Blueprint program is an easy-to-follow protocol that combines modern science with time-tested Ayurvedic traditions and gives you the ultimate solution to a long, healthy, fulfilling life.

In Lighten Up Your Weight Longevity Blueprint program, is a sensible plan that includes the necessary tools you need to know to improve your physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing that leads to losing the weight you want to lose. 


You’ll start by taking our Dosha Quiz to determine your Ayurvedic mind-body type, Then, we will show you how to personalize a lifestyle plan that works for you. During the different sessions, you will learn different healing techniques, sleep habits, foods, and exercises, that will help you to obtain the body that you desire.


Lighten up your Weight is taken online with our help and guidance and is one of the stronger online courses we have created.  This course includes:


  1. Guided Meditations.

  2. Provoking reflection questions that you can write in your private journal to record your insights.*

  3. A community forum moderated by Dr. Liliana to ask questions and connect with fellow course participants.

  4. Access personalized nutrition and exercise recommendations for your body constitution and personality.

  5. Weekly conference calls where we discuss your journey with a rich collection of resources.


What You Will Learn

Lighten Up Your Weight Longevity Blueprint 

Six Months to Your Natural, Healthier, 
Happier and
Best Looking Self


The entire program encompasses three sections, so you transform your mind, body, and spirit as you take what you’ve learned and put it into practice.

Nourishment for your Body: 

  • A complete workbook with charts and checklists to design your personalized weight loss program and accomplish your goals.

  • Worksheets to set goals and meet them.

  • A clear path with all the tips, tricks, and secrets for permanent weight control without starving or counting calories.

  • Understand the six pillars of health & and wellbeing.

  • Learn exercises and mindful movements for your mind-body type to maintain a healthy body.

  • Discover Ayurveda, and acupressure secrets for treating insomnia and sleep issues without medication,

  • Map out your next steps for a lifetime of health and happiness and detox your entire mind-body system with the Ayurvedic system.


Nourishment for your Mind

  • Learn a Daily self-care routine and nutritional diet according to your body type and personality.

  • Learn how to apply the wisdom of Ayurveda to your everyday life to achieve vibrant well-being,

  • Take the Dosha Quiz and use the wheel of life to discover your unique mind-body type and balance your life.

  • Discover practical exercises to release stress and toxins and many tips to always feel satisfied with your meals.


Nutrition Nourishment for your Body:

  • Learn a Daily self-care routine and nutritional diet according to your body type and personality.

  • Discover Ayurveda’s #1 key for a healthy metabolism.

  • Learn how to nurture your digestive system, find out what, how, and when to eat for your unique mind-body type, and experience the power of eating with awareness and more consciously. 

 Nourishment for your spirit with Meditation.

  • Experience transformative, life-changing, purpose-driven, eye-opening meditations and soundtracks.

  • Discover meditations and soundtracks to focus and stay motivated.

  • Practice powerful guided meditations to program your unconscious mind. So, you can crave healthy foods.  

  • Discover the proven benefits of Ayurveda,  practice to expand your knowledge and life awareness, and learn tips to cope with the stress that makes you gain weight.

Nourishment for your mind-body relation

  • A Personalized Success Driven System Weight Loss Action Plan Craft by You.  

  • Uncover your most profound human needs.

  • Discover how to use mind-body conscious communication and transform your relationships with food.

  • Discover simple techniques for dissolving unhealthy emotional habits and experience powerful exercises to heal and clear negative emotions.

You are not alone, and you do not have to do it alone 

Discover the Essential keys to That will transform your life! 

Mind - Copy.png


  • Find your inner child. 

  • Strengthen your belief that you can accomplish your goals and change your behaviors.

  • Increase your confidence in your ability to lose weight and chances for success.

  • Wake Up Rejuvenated

  • Break free from unhealthy habits.

  • Stop Cravings, Enjoy Food

  • Connect With Your Body



  • Boost energy levels improve digestion and help melt unwanted kilos.

  • Take the load off the organs that detoxify your entire body.

  • Support and improve your body's immune system.

  • Obtain healthy recipes according to your body type.

  • Overcome fatigue, lethargy, and susceptibility to illnesses



  • Release the heaviness that holds you back and starts shining from the inside out. 

  • Increase your body image, food and self-care.

  • Release heaviness and toxicity – on every level.

  • Utilize the natural intelligence of your body for healing.

  • Bring freshness, inspiration, and joy into your life improving your health and increasing your spiritual health and beauty.

Program Benefits
Additionally, you will get our Lighten Up Your Weight Bundle 
with ALL the Necessary Products to Trim and Detoxify Your Body & Support Your Daily Beauty Routine and Protect your health from toxic products.

Trim and Detoxify Your Body!

Reaching your healthy weight just got easier. The Weight Management Bundle combines four Kapha-reducing products to help you maintain robust digestion, natural detoxification, and healthy elimination.

  • Kapha Digest stimulates agni, 

  • Trim Support 

  • Trim Balm 


The Daily Beauty Bundle 

It provides everything you need to start your day off right and carry you through to the next level.

  • Tongue Cleaner 

  • Daily Swish Oil

  • Nasya Oil bottle

  • Daily Massage Oil

  • Triphala Power

You will learn the things six pillars of health and wellbeing with fundamental solid natural, solutions and knowledge to be in charge of your health. 

This online Program is the Easiest Way to Make a Big Impact on you, and everyone around you because when you improve your life it also affects the ones that you love...

This is totally possible for you...


A long time ago, in a very close land, when I was a teenager, I did not know anything about healthy eating or the consequences of being overweight. So, I became 50 pounds overweight. Due to my young heart, I constantly felt sick, tired, and unattractive. Later, I became obsessed with losing weight. After many attempts to lose the weight, I finally lost the weight I wanted. That was hard!! being hungry, having food in front of me, and having to say no because I wanted to lose weight was not cool…. I just promised myself I was never going to become overweight again.  And so I did.


On the other side of my life, I used to worry about everything and take life so seriously that I even forgot how to smile and laugh. I used to believe working harder and longer hours would give me everything I needed. Until I hit the floor, I watched my life crumble like a castle of cards. I was good-looking and attractive, but in my heart, my personal life was not that attractive.


Looking for many ways to lose weight, I learned much about nutrition and exercise. Additionally, health Science has always been my passion, so throughout my life, I have learned a lot about it in traditional and nontraditional education.

I took many classes in the health field. I became a Doctor In Veterinary Medicine, A Master’s In Public Health, an Energy Healer, a Life Coach, And a Hypnotherapist.  


Today, I am offering you the knowledge I obtained during 30+ years of traditional education and my life experience on this program. I hope you can take advantage of this. 

And I want this for you too.
My Story

How will you participate in our  Powerful effective coaching system?

So, the magic within you can happen.

Lighten up your Weight is a six-month coaching program designed to take you through a unique and innovative process of self-discovery and self-care. 

There are no particular diets to follow; rather you’ll receive eye-opening nutritional information and powerful tools to follow through.


As soon as you join you will get all the necessary materials to start your mind, body, spirit, transformation. Also,  to will be invited to our online forum where you will meet with other like-minded individuals who are ready to transform their lives and thrive (just like you!). Plus, we will have our first coaching session to guide you through the entire process.  

Group Coaching

You get access to a series of live Group coaching Calls led by me. Every week the group will meet twice via video conference, and we will discuss the week’s material and check on your progress.

On the calls, I will give you personalized feedback on your program, and help you through the entire transformational process. This also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get the support you need during the transformational journey.  

Easy online access

if you have plans or a busy schedule during that time, you can still join us because the video conference will be recorded; so, you can pick it up at any time.

You will have lifetime access to the program whenever you need it. All the conferences can be accessed on your computer tablet or mobile phone. 

All live calls are recorded so you can listen to them later.  

You will get support all the way the entire time! 

Your program also includes access to our fabulous private Forum to build community ask questions and share recipes. You can get feedback and support in that group all the time, and you’ll make great connections with other people with the same goals as you.

Keep the motivation going! With year-round support after the program. 

Because we want you to thrive beyond our program, we include our alumni community to help you stay supported, motivated, and connected to this incredible new life and the hero within you. 

How will you Participate
Infinite Possibilities World (2).png

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I'm so confident that this program will positive life on every level that I’m giving you a 100% RISK-FREE opportunity to try it for 4 weeks from your enrollment date, use that time to implement the complete system we’ve presented and, if you don’t at least make back your investment with us, you’ll receive a full refund.


You have nothing to lose. 

“I’ve walked this path and learned from personal experience the proven system that WORKS…”

Opening Doors to a New Beginning 
FREE consultation

Here’s Everything You’re Getting When You Sign Up Right Now…

Everything you will Get

Lighten up your weight in your Body


Mind-Body-Spirit Optimal Health Blue Print 


An Ayurvedic Approach to Losing Weight: All About Foods and Drinks 


All About Foods and Drinks that keep you healthy and energized.

A Balanced Approach to Food Combining to improve the quality of digestion, support the body in receiving a deeper level of nourishment, and positively impact our overall health.


What’s Cookin’? Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are healthy and easy-to-make recipes for You and your family.


Your benefits 

  1. Essential steps to take to get your detox your body and the list of foods that contributes to toxicity in your body.

  2. Foods to enjoy will increase a sense of wellbeing and satisfaction according to your body type.

  3. Tips that will help you quench your thirst without drinking harmful sodas. 

  4. How to provide your body with the essential nutrients that it needs. So, you can function at peak performance.

  5. Homemade Detoxification Drinks.

  6. A specific diet that works for your body constitution. 

  7. A guide that will improve foods choices that will better support your body type   

  8. Learn how to maintain a keep a balanced body.

Lighten up your weight in your Mind


Success Driven System Weight Lost Action Plan Workbook 


Strengthen your belief is that you can accomplish your goals and change your behaviors. Increase your confidence in your ability to lose weight and chances for success.

You will learn how to keep them in your mind and surroundings to serve as a reminder of your commitment.

Create deadlines for your weight loss goals because goals are more successful when a clear deadline is attached.

Deal with the obstacles that impact your confidence and will to keep going.

Refrain from judging yourself, and reflect on the experience by using it as an opportunity to grow.



Your benefits 

  1. Maintain a positive mindset. 

  2. Practice positive self-talk. 

  3. Equip Yourself With Today's Best And Scientifically Proven Tools.

  4. Magnifying Your Productivity keeps you focused, increases the chance to succeed using your own creativity and Intuition.

  5. Identify how you can get better results and how Your Life Improve When You Get there.

  6. Identify your core values and why you want to lose weight and shape your body.  

  7. Stay positive about your achievements.

  8. Set up your Priority Plan for success.

  9. Craft your journey and set realistic goals.

  10. Action steps you can take to success.

  11. Track Your Personal Progress.

  12. Set your mind to achieving the body that you want.

  13. Identify the skills you want to learn to accomplish these goals.

  14. Affirmation you should use when you have an emotional setback.

  15. Take the action step to feel better about your self and the world around you.

Lighten up your weight in your Spirit


Meditation Bundle 


Find your inner motivation and experience the freedom that comes from stabilizing physical hunger, alleviating mental unrest, and satisfying spiritual longing. Change your thoughts, beliefs, habit, and emotion to propel you forward instead of holding you back.


Powerful guided meditation with daily practices that help to focus on your weight loss. 

Learn a variety of effective techniques to aid you in your ways such as how to release your addictions to food, and stop overeating. 


Your Benefits 

  1. Release the heaviness that holds you back and starts shining from the inside out. 

  2. Increase your  body image, food, and self-care

  3. Break free from unhealthy habits

  4. Release heaviness and toxicity – on every level

  5. Utilize the natural intelligence of your body for healing

  6. Bring freshness, inspiration, and joy into your life

  7. Improve your health and increase your spiritual health and beauty.

Lighten up your weight Support


Weekly conference calls and access to our club members 

  • Help you fine-tune the process

  • Work on your ‘inner game’ and blast through confidence issues that might be sabotaging and stopping you from getting results.

  • Brainstorm how you get more support during your weight loss mission. 

  • Generate a sense of self-confidence based on your current situation.


Your Benefits 

  1. Increase the feeling of support with people who have the same mission.

  2. Increase joy and self-confidence.

  3. Improving skills to cope with challenges.

  4. Stay motivated. 

  5. Gaining a sense of empowerment and control.

  6. Improving a better understanding of your own experience.

  7. Getting practical feedback.

  8. Learning about your health.

Lighten Up Your Weight Bundle


All the herbs you need to detoxify and trim your body with Natural Organic Products


  • Mugwort -Fat Burning Patch Belly 40 pieces ($15.79)       

  • 50pcs/Lot Gold Kinoki Herbal Detox Foot Pads   

  • Trim Balm ($21.99)         

  • Trim Support tablets ($24.99)     

  • Triphala powder ($9.99)

  • Daily Swish ($16.99)

  • Nasya Oil ($14.99)           

  • Press Seeds 100 pieces ($7.99)  

  • Kapha digest  ($24.99) Digestion Formula for Kapha         

  • Tong Cleaner ($8.97)      

  • OMSutra Neti Pot ($15.00)          

  • Kapha Massage Body Oil ($29.99)             

  • Ear Oil Ear massage & Cleansing ($12.99) 



Total Value 

The Investment


Your Health & Welbeing 

 Take this mission on your life
Click The Buy Now Button Below 

Infinite Possibilities - Copy (3).png


Words of wisdom I live by


See the positive side of life and bless every part of your life. See yourself as a beautiful person, know your power, and investment your self.


You are probably already imagining the new and exciting life you are about to embark on. I say go for it.


Let your mind wander, and imagine the Infinite Possibilities of life where everything that fear has locked away from you for so long exist.


Start taking this mission in your own life today, don't procrastinate, and keep in mind that this is a program designed to reshape your body, rewire your brain, and find the hero with in you.


And remember once you do your life will never be the same. Furthermore, the world is counting on you to do this.  Taking this step now is saying YES to impact not only yourself but everyone around you.


I invite you to say, “Yes!” to you NOW from a place of love to get the body and health that you want, the life you deserve and can create. It is my promise to you that I will give you all my support you need.


The light force be with you!  

Book a Free Consultation

Still, Have Questions?

Got any questions about the program? We will be here to help you get clear your concerns without any pressure at all. Just request your complimentary free consultation to speak about your best next step.


Ask me any questions about the course and I’ll help you get clear so you know if it’s the right fit for you,

You are very important to us. Once you submit your question, we will contact you personally to provide answers about our program.

Success! Message received.

Infinite Possibilities Word is located at 

712 Terracotta Pl.

505 545 1999

Albuquerque, NM 87121

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