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Complementary Products to Support Health, Balance, and Beauty

The Beauty and balance Women’s Bundle brings together four products that support the strength, vitality, and natural beauty of the female body.

  • A revitalizing tonic for the reproductive system, Women’s Support harnesses the power of herbs to promote proper balance of female hormones, while supporting fertility and a healthy libido. The cooling and nourishing herbs in Women’s Support help to cleanse excess pitta from the system to support a healthy, uncongested monthly flow. Women in menopausal or postmenopausal years may prefer Women’s Natural Transitions for herbal support.*
  • To strengthen and rejuvenate bone density, Healthy Bones provides the perfect blend of natural coral calcium and Ayurvedic herbs that target the blood and bone tissue, delivering the calcium to exactly where it is needed in the body.*
  • The incredibly moisturizing Beauty Balm is deeply hydrating, replenishing, and a luxurious Ayurvedic addition to your skincare routine. A silky mix of herbs and oils, Beauty Balm can be used as a skin cream, eye cream, lip balm, elbow and knee moisturizer, nail and cuticle cream, and as a deep moisturizer for the feet and heels.*
  • An often-overlooked area of women’s health is the importance of caring for the breasts, and a regular breast massage is a great way to protect your health while nurturing a practice of self-care. Breast Care Balm is specially formulated to encourage circulation, stimulate the lymphatic system, and help to prevent stagnation in the breast tissue.


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Beauty & Balance Women's Bundle