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Complementary Products to Promote Sound and Restful Sleep

One of the three Ayurvedic pillars of health is proper sleep—and for good reason! Robust immunity, healthy adrenal function, and clarity of mind are all reliant on the deep rejuvenation that comes from healthy and regular sleeping patterns. The Deep Sleep Bundle brings together two of our best products for nurturing your nighttime sleep routine.*

  • I Sleep Soundly tablets are ideally taken 30 minutes before bed to allow time for the herbs to settle into the body. Two of the primary herbs in the formula are bhringaraj and valerian, and they work together to ease the mind and relax tension from the muscles and nervous system, allowing the body to slowly drift to sleep.*
  • As part of an Ayurvedic sleep routine, a gentle head and foot massage helps the thoughts unwind and allows the body to relax and get ready for an evening of deep slumber and restoration. Sleep Easy Oil is a nourishing blend of oils and herbs to ground vata and pitta in the mind and nervous system. It can be used as part of an evening foot massage, or applied to the temples or chest for additional support. These products are not tranquilizers—they work on a deeply systemic level, complementing one another to support the body’s ability to rejuvenate and recover from times of stress.*

Beauty Deep Sleep Bundle