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Complementary Products to Balance Kapha

The Kapha Balancing Bundle is the perfect combination of herbal products to warm the body and stimulate digestion while melting away kapha accumulations in the tissues.*

  • Healthy Kapha is the quintessential formula to break up bodily stagnations, which often manifest as feelings of heaviness, lethargy, or lack of energy. By encouraging movement through the body, this astringent and pungent formula also supports healthy lungs and a robust immune system.*
  • Many kapha imbalances originate from compromised agni, or digestive fire, and the heating herbs of Kapha Digest—ginger, pippali, and black pepper—are exactly what the digestive system needs to get fired up and support a healthy metabolic process.*
  • While these herbal tablets help to break up accumulations of fat and fluids internally, Kapha Massage Oil gets the job done from the outside-in. Invigorating herbs, like calamus and chitrak, work to stimulate circulation and promote gentle detoxification.*
  • The final step in this process is to let go of all the excess kapha that has been broken down, digested, and prepared for elimination. The three fruits of Triphala cleanse the colon and offer an effective, non-habit forming way to support complete and regular bowel movements. Triphala is also available in liquid extract and as a powder.

Kapha Beauty Balancing Bundle