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Encourage your natural glow with the Radiant Skin Bundle! Ayurveda teaches that the skin is merely a reflection of our deeper physiology and that skin issues must be addressed internally to get to the root cause.*

  • This is exactly why Healthy Skin tablets are the first place to start when establishing an Ayurvedic skincare regime. Pitta pacifying herbs, manjistha and anantamul, work on a systemic level to remove ama, or natural toxins, from the blood, lymph, and liver, while nourishing herbs promote lasting rejuvenation of the skin cells.*
  • While Healthy Skin helps to clear excess heat and toxins from the skin, Triphala clears blemish-causing ama from the GI tract and colon. A traditional blend of three fruits, Triphala simultaneously cleanses, tones, and rejuvenates all the tissues of the body and encourages healthy, regular bowel movements.*
  • For those with sensitive or pitta prone skin, Neem Oil is an ally. This soothing, cooling, and traditional Ayurvedic oil can be added to your self-massage oil, and it is gentle enough to be used regularly on the face without being diluted.*
  • For target areas that need extra care, Soothing Skin Balmis the perfect choice. This replenishing balm is made with a powerful blend of Ayurvedic oils and herbs to pacify excess pitta, stimulate circulation, and support complete renewal of the skin cells. It is especially helpful for areas of dryness or irritation and after prolonged exposure to sun.


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