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Complementary Products to Renew and Revitalize

Whether you’ve recently completed a cleanse, or you’re recovering from a time of depletion or low energy, Ayurvedic rejuvenation can help to rebuild strength and vitality throughout your entire being. The five nourishing products in the Rejuvenation Bundle will offer deep support as you begin to renew and revitalize.*

  • The premier rasayana, or rejuvenative, of Ayurveda is the delicious herbal jam, Chyavanprash. Based on a traditional formula that combines 14 organic herbs in a base of amalaki fruit, Chyavanprash nourishes all the tissues of the body and supports a healthy immune system—it is a must-have rejuvenative.*
  • Ashwagandha is a well-known adaptogen that promotes healthy muscle and bone tissue, helps the body recover from stress, and encourages sound sleep at night.*
  • When ghee is taken together with ashwagandha, or added to a nutritious meal, it carries that herb or nutrition deeper into the tissues of the body, providing nourishment and building ojas along the way. Incorporating ghee into your diet is a classic and easy way to nurture your process of renewal.*
  • External oleation is just as important as internal, and a self-massage with Daily Massage Oil is a simple practice that directly supports physical, mental, and emotional rejuvenation.*
  • An easy and effective way to eliminate natural toxins and help the body stay in a healthy rhythm is with the three-fruit blend of Triphala. This gentle formula revitalizes the GI tract and the colon, encouraging proper digestion and absorption of food and complete and regular bowel movements. Triphala is also available in liquid extract and as a powder.*

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