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Indulge in extra pampering with a variety of amenities that you can order ahead of your visit so they’re waiting for you. Choose one or more from our Mind-body Health and Wellness specialties or other special touches to make your day truly unforgettable.  


Note: some of the services are exclusive for our overnight guest.


Mindfulness Guided Meditation

To fully awaken our power requires a subtle change in the way we think of ourselves in life, a shift in belief, thought processes, words, and feeling. Accessing this in our life is very important to achieve Mind-body Health and Wellness to have a healthier body and achieve a happier life. 


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Do you want to improve your health and general wellbeing? Do you want to improve your health have more energy and maybe lose some extra pounds?  If you are struggling with concerns related to stress, and it is affecting your health costing you precious time and money, you will benefit from our unique blend of personal and health and wellbeing coaching programs. 


My main goal as your personal wellbeing coach is to give you the necessary tools to reshape your body taking care of your mind, body, and spirit, so you can expand your potential and balance your life in many dimensions. 


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Lose Weight & Keep It Off 

Personal Wellness


Ionic Detox


Assist your body’s ability to function properly with an ionic bio-cleanse.  You’ll be astounded at the benefits you receive – Cleanse heavy metals, radiation, pollution, lymphatics, yeast and more.  Great relief for your achy joints!  They are quick, easy and affordable while allowing you the opportunity to simply sit, relax and detox.  Our clients are amazed at how much this simple modality rejuvenates them!


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Improve your physical emotional and mental health, so you can become a better version of yourself. With only one session you’ll be astounded at the benefits you receive.


Assist your body’s ability to function properly and Regain Balance Within the Physical Body Due To The Accumulation Of Toxins & Lowe Frequency Energies.

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Ultra High Energy 

Healing Session 

Land of Enchantment Experiences 

With stunning sights, New Mexico is blessed with desert landscapes, breathtaking snowcapped mountains, bubbling hot springs, and remarkable national monuments.


With its mix of European American, Native American, and Mexican heritage, the state is a unique and colorful place to visit. Given all that, perhaps it is little wonder that New Mexico is known as "the Land of Enchantment."

Join us! 

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Exclusive for our Airbnb Guest

Enhance Your Stay

Breakfast breakfast buffet-style


Enjoy a tasty assortment of breakfast foods and drinks including toast, cereal, coffee, snack cakes and cookies, assorted tea, chocolate milk, fruit juice, or sodas and refresh yourself with seasonal whole fruits.





Celebratory Sparkling Juice


Create special memories with our festive sparkling Non-Alcoholic 100% made From Fresh 

Fruits. It’s the perfect complement to any celebration or occasion.


Celebratory Sparkling Juice beverages are packed in elegant champagne-style bottles, perfect for special occasions. Made with the joy of the harvest, these non-alcoholic, sparkling beverages help you celebrate in style.  These celebratory beverages don't contain artificial flavors or artificial preservatives.


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