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13 Strategies to Improve Your Traveling Experience

By Travorium Corporate Staff and Dr. Liliana Cittrine

There is no “right” way to travel, and everyone should be free to travel how they wish. However, if you want your trips to be more natural and authentic and feel you need to improve your travel experience, consider these 13 great strategies.

Choose Unexpected Destinations: Step outside your comfort zone and don’t choose only ordinary or conventional vacations. Exposing yourself to unfamiliar situations and new experiences can help you gain new perspectives on your everyday life and a new attitude toward problems.

Pack the necessary items: Preparation is essential for any adventure. Having the necessary supplies and equipment can make a difference in your enjoyment and experience. Checklists are a great tool to help with your trip preparation. So, take advantage of our Free master packing list and download it. On this master list, there are three different lists. This is because the list of items you will need varies according to the type of trip and activities you have planned, the places you are going, the time of year, and the length of your trip.

Organize. Having a plan of things to do before your trip starts can help you have something to look forward to. The internet may not be available for you when you get there. So, if you have something planned you will avoid feeling frustrated about wasting precious time when you travel.

Get Lost: Usually, the most memorable experiences happen when you visit places you did not expect to find. The benefit of planning before travel is the possibility of being spontaneous and worry-free while away. By turning left instead of right, you’ll discover places you didn’t know existed, from fascinating neighborhoods to quiet little squares that can become your favorite finds with great memories.

Be an Early Bird: I know I like to sleep a lot too, but if you made the plans to travel during the peak season, you’d have to be an early bird to ensure a happy journey. You’ll beat all the slow-moving families and save countless hours in queues (and stress).

Embrace Culture: Explore the culture of a place—whether it’s by learning its history, admiring the architecture, relishing the arts, or appreciating the magical moments of everyday life: embrace the present moment, feel the air, the sunbeams, the smiles of the people, hear the sounds, see the beauty and variety of the sights. Take in all that is lovely and appreciate the experience of being there in the here and now.

Try different foods: Try something new. Even if you dislike it, at least you tried putting yourself out there. Local dishes are the window to another culture. New foods are an essential part of the travel experience.

Learn the Language: Learning the language connects you to your surroundings more easily and tells the locals that you respect their culture. Make a habit of learning at least the world ‘hello,’ ‘thank you, and ‘excuse me’ in every country you visit.

Take photos and Notes: You don’t want those fantastic moments to go unnoticed, so take as many photos as you want without worries! When you travel to new places and meet new people, you may often get new ideas or reframe some problems that you may have. Writing down your thoughts and ideas can be very productive. Getting a trip journal can help you with this.

Be Respectful: It’s easy to forget that new places you visit are real places and not theme parks. Cities worldwide have other interests than satisfying your needs, and it’s important to respect that. Don’t judge other cultures, be open-minded and respectful of people’s opinions, and see value in everyone. This will also make you a better person.

Be Curious: When you let yourself become a kid again, you enjoy the experience in a more childlike manner and see things differently, with much more curiosity, and that’s the key to improving your travel experience.

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