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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a practice to refine our experience and to open a new dimension to our lives. It is a means to tap into a deep source of positive energy and joy. Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years because people knew that it can reduce stress, calms the mind, and increases inner peace. During the practice of meditation, the body has what they call the relaxation response, which gives the body deep rest which is deeper than the rest from sleep. Through regular meditation, the deep rest builds up in the body over time and tames the stresses and bad emotions which results in many other benefits.

Meditation gives you inner peace and deepens your compassion for others and yourself. When a mediation elicits the relaxation response, it can lower blood pressure, the risk of heart disease and stroke, relieve stress, depression, insomnia, sleeplessness, anxiety, and worry, and can increase productivity, learning, happiness, wellbeing, and inner peace.

Meditation values inquiry into how you perceive the world, helping you expand beyond the inner stories and emotions that limit your experience balancing your life. Although meditation is not the answer to having a happy, balanced life, it is a part of that answer. However, only your inner being is the answer to that happiness and well been that you seek. For instance, if you are having too much stress in your life, you will be stressed out even if you meditate. On the opposite side, when you treat good yourself and others, that also creates a peaceful inner being and invites him to feel better and the people around you will behave well towards you. So, meditate regularly, and remember that to have a happy balanced life, you must also be honest, keep your good thoughts high, treat others the way you want them to treat you.

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