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About Self Love

Today is a fun task and something I like to practice often. We have become so busy in life that the things which help to ground, heal and balance us quite often get pushed to the side for more “pressing” matters.

Self-love is sometimes about putting your needs first, which is the most unselfish thing you can do. When you are coming from a place of self-love, healing, grounding, and nurturing, you will naturally have more energy for yourself and for others.


So today balance your energies with one simple thing that will uplift you. It can be anything from booking a massage, a yoga video/class, an extra meditation practice, a healthy lunch/dinner. If this is feeling overwhelming, scale it to something smaller like reading a book, taking a hot bath, drinking a good amount of water, or getting an early night. It doesn't matter what the one thing is – sometimes the first thing you think of is the best plan. It's the little steps in life we can take every day which start to make positive and long-lasting changes in our lives. How can we love ourselves when we are busy putting everything else first?. Or how can we give take care of someone if we do not taker care of ourselves? So pick ONE thing today and mindfully do this ONE thing for you just for you.

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