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Adopt a healthy diet, to help you decrease stress.

A nutrient-dense, anti-inflammatory diet is best for those dealing with anxiety and is another natural remedy. It keeps your blood sugar steady and your organs well-nourished, which helps keep stress at bay, This means that you have to rethink the things we often eat in times of stress like cookies, cake, and high-sugar foods (alcohol, too), which are typically highly acidic and inflammatory.

Eating more of those foods will spike your blood sugar and will also oftentimes make you feel 'guilty,' which then serves to flood your system with more stress hormones. This "sugar rush" we think of is actually stressful on both our bodies and brain.

There are certain vitamins and minerals that are particularly good at combating stress: Opt for omega-3 rich foods (like salmon, sardines, and leafy greens) and antioxidant-rich foods (like blueberries and leafy greens). The latter is helpful because antioxidants help process the cortisol that’s going through your body.

Also, if you're on the fat-free or low-fat bandwagon, be warned. "The brain really needs fat, ut you have to eat the natural foods that provide the right nutrients to your brain. Opt for almonds, any sort of nut butter (except peanut butter), avocado, and olive oil, which are all healthy fats.

On the other hand, vitamin B particularly helps combat stress in women. If you're having feelings of stress, be sure to schedule your first appointment and I will show you many ways to manage that stress in a very natural way. Reserve your appointment NOW!

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