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Searching for Infinite Possibilities The Path Enlightenment

Five years ago, I got divorce. Ever since, I have been looking to the universe and understanding how things works in our universe with many surprises.

Never before, I have felt the way have, and the knowing the path I I got into is the right path. Just because it makes sense. In opposite of what I have been thought until now.

It turns out the we as humans being have a universal force that creates all tings. That universal force is the one that keep life on this planet and keeps every things and all things moving.

This great universal force is benevolent, and is with in us is not out side of us.

Finding that universal force with in you makes you very happy; and makes you understand how powerful you are as a human beings; and how powerful we are as human collective.

We as humans have being looking to this universal force outside of us, but it is within us. Inside of you. Within your heart, and is is just the matter of listening to it.

When you listen to that universal found within your heart, your life and every aspect of your life becomes better and lighter.

But in order for you to understated and feel it and to find that universal force within you, you have to drop many of the believes that have being though.

It is only up to you to find it.

On my spiritual path, I realized that many of the beliefs were sort of not mine. I have also found that I have beliefs that I did not even know that thy were there. In other words, I have carried many things and beliefs that do not belong to me.

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