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How to Achieve your Goals and Life Vision.

What separates a person from achieving their goals or not achieving them is the focus in their minds and hearts. Instead of focusing on what they do not want, they focus on what they want. Additionally, they set the big goals first because setting your big goals is essential in turning the invisible into the visible.

I want to share some tips to achieve your goals and life vision.

1. Think about why you want what you want

Many of us go through the motions daily without knowing where we are going or what we really want. Never taking the time to think if what we want is what we really want, and we set goals according to the expectations of others.

2. Set the big picture

Setting the big picture is the foundation of keeping track of your progress and accomplishing your goals. If we do not set big dreams, we stay small and stay in survival mode rather than living each day to its fullest. To achieve your goals and get closer to them, you must take a step back and look at the big picture. Why do you do what you do? What motivates you and what is the reason you wake up every morning? Where do you see yourself in the future in every aspect of your life?

Take some time to reflect on your goals and imagine what the big picture looks like in all 12 categories of life. You need to see the bigger picture rather than just living day-to-day with no direction or motivation.

3. Plan and Organize Your Time

Tracking your progress toward your goals and planning and organizing your time is essential to accomplishing your goals. Once you are clear with the big picture, you must now plan and organize all the necessary steps that you need to take to accomplish your goals.

Take your calendar and plan on organizing your time around achieving all your goals. Having a planner or even using your iPhone or Google calendar is a great way to track your progress. In this way, each week you will have specific goals that you want to accomplish. You will have a Ta-Da list that you will work on every day.

When you can plan and organize your time, you feel good because you are working toward your goals and developing new life skills

3. Look for Accountability Partner

Share your goals with a significant other or a close friend. It’s essential to have another person ask you about your progress. When someone other than yourself is holding you accountable, you are more likely to complete your tasks throughout the week. You will be motivated by the desire to avoid letting them down and the support and encouragement they offer when you accomplish your goals.

Working with a Health and wellbeing Life Coach is a great way to help you track your progress toward your goals. Book, A 30 Min Free Conference Call, so we can work together to achieve those goals.

4. Celebrate Small Wins

Whenever you accomplish a goal, make sure you take the time and celebrate. You need to take a step back and celebrate your success with each accomplishment. If you are constantly working and looking ahead but never taking the time to celebrate your small accomplishments, you will most likely get discouraged. And when you are discouraged,

you also lose the motivation to stay focused on your goals and life vision.

Most human beings are constantly looking for the next big thing. But what really helps stay motivated in accomplishing your goals is celebrating along the way and enjoying the journey. No matter how small, celebrating your accomplishments is a way for you to track your progress toward your goals. You’ll be able to stop and appreciate your hard work before moving on to your next goal.


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