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Mindfulness Guided Meditation

Learn to enjoy the present moment with our unique and personalized guided meditations.

Ultra-High Frequency Healing

Heal your memories, and the past, present, or future fears with special energy healing techniques. 

Health & Wellbeing Coaching & Quest 

With a step-by-step process and a game plan that you will win, Make your life vision a reality!

Wellbeing Coaching Session

A Short Journey to discover a life with more joy, fulfillment, and become the magician of your own wellbeing.

Wellbeing World Tours Travel

Embark On An Adventure And Travel Around The World, Improve Your Personal Life, Health And Wellbeing,

Gateway for Your Wellbeing!

A leading-edge hotel booking engine that allows customers to save big on Hotels and Earn a Stay for FREE.

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Health & Wellbeing Products

Online Quest

Learn how you can lose weight naturally and maintain a mentally, emotionally, physically balanced life in our Coaching programs. 

CBD Products

Improve and maintain your natural youth feel wonderful using natural plant-based products.  

Organic Foods

Maintain or recover your health and wellbeing adding low cost  easy to make high-quality foods into your everyday meals


Find your Zen clarity in your life with our unique high-frequency music and meditations collection. 

Bath & Body

Maintain beautiful soft skin without adding chemicals or toxic products into your irreplaceable skin.

Apparel Collection

Show your love for your health and wellbeing with our awesome stylish clothing and luxury home goods. 

Feature Live Events

Who is Liliana Maria

Ever since I know myself, I have been amazed by the miracle of life on our planet.  My passion has always been finding the link between physical reality as we know as spirituality.


I took many classes in the health field, but after several degrees, I realized that there is a missing link between today's medicine and the spirit who created life,  In 2012, I went back into my spiritual journey, where I found the answers that I have been searching my entire life.


Today, I am offering you the knowledge I obtained during 23 years of traditional education as well as my experience in life on this web page, and it is my hope you can take advantage of this. 


Seeing the World, Through the Eyes of My Eyes & Mind

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