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Accelerate the Healing Process and Transform Your Life...

Let go of the past • Be authentically free • Increase your self-esteem

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Address Emotional Problems, Release and let go of Toxic & Lower Frequency Energies regain balance, and allow yourself to be authentically free.

About The Ultra-High Frequency Energy Healing Session:


  • Do you experience the same things over and over again?

  • Are you tired of being dissatisfied in your life?

  • Pretty often, do you think your problems are more significant than you, and you don’t know how to solve them?

  • Do you experience lower frequency emotions such as anger, fear, grief, sadness, resentment, guilt, shame?

  • Do you often feel destructive emotions and do not know how to let them go?


The Ultra-High Frequency Energy Healing is one of the most powerful techniques for releasing bad memories fully and completely.  The release of accumulated lower frequencies can be extremely challenging.  The ultra-high frequency energy healing session assists you with the releasing process for a permanent elimination and your transformation.  So, you can release the past worries, concerns and begin a new life.  

What You’ll Get

The Ultra-High Frequency Energy Healing takes place in 1 hour:

During this one-hour session, we will dive deep to discover your desires or concerns to find clarity and work on those bad memories and emotions that hold you back.  So, you can let them go forever.


  After you release those terrible memories or emotions, you will get a workbook with guidelines to increase your self-esteem and have more gratitude toward life itself. So, you can have a more balanced and successful life.

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Why this session

Emotions such as anger, fear, grief, sadness, resentment, guilt, shame, grief will become daily thoughts that will not let you move forward in life.  Therefore, you keep having the same bad experiences in life, and you do not even understand why this is happening.  When you let go of all those bad memories, and these patterns will cease to exist, you open a door towards a brand-new life.


Additionally, chronic destructive emotions accumulate toxins in your body at the cellular level producing different diseases.  In fact, most diseases result from accumulating destructive emotions in your body.  We can try to correct our physical body by adding chemicals/medicines.  However, unless the energy bodies are cleared and balanced, this is ineffective; and causes further imbalances or diseases because we are much more than just our physical bodies.


The above explanation means that whatever happens within our emotional, mental, and spiritual levels directly affects our life outcomes in many ways.


As you will learn in the session, we live in a friendly universe, but to set up a successful life, you need clarity in what you want and let go of the past.  So, you can get what you want instead of letting your unconscious beliefs and bad memories run your life.  The Ultra high-frequency Energy Healing Session will help you let go of those bad memories and emotions.  So, you can move forward, improve your health and wellbeing, and create a thriving, more meaningful life.

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  • How to set expectations, maintain boundaries, and overcome your own fears.

  • Develop your emotional intelligence and increase your self-esteem.

  • Empower your thinking and eliminate your negative self-talk.  

  • Eliminate limiting beliefs that hold you back from your success.

  • Make better to take actions you need to have a more balanced life.

  • Overcome old patterns and negativity 

  • Live a joyful life and create a thriving life.

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What You’ll Learn

  • Decide what you can do to experience a more meaningful life.

  • How to Create Your Reality Consciously instead of letting your unconscious beliefs hold you back.

  • Discover simple ways to enjoy life more and create a better life. and improve your general health and wellbeing.


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Session Requirements

All you need to do is be willing to let go of low frequencies, such as anger and resentment, allowing the higher frequencies to be integrated.  I will help you with the process.


The Ultra high-frequency Energy Healing process can be accomplished in person or from a distance.  Our High-Frequency Energy Healing will always reach you regardless of distance because energy does not know boundaries.


The releasing process is gradual and occurs when the low-frequency emotions are released.  Once a layer is released, it can never return.  Our intention to transmit energy to you and your intention to receive is what sets the energy in motion!

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Who this session is for:

  • Anyone who wants more clarity in life.

  • You want to sharpen your skills to make better decisions towards a more meaningful life.

  • Anyone who wants to improve their self-esteem.

  • Anyone who wants to get a proven system and powerful tools with proven results.

  • Anyone who wants to expand self credibility and build more confidence.

  • Anyone who wants to reduce stress, feel calm and centered, and connect to their true self.


Click the bottom to book a session today Via Zoom, and let’s get started to enjoy a more meaningful life together!

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