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About Liliana Livine  

Mind, Body & Spirit

Health and Wellbeing Coach


Hello, First, I would like to start by letting you know that since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated with biology and the medical field, and I have dedicated my entire life to understand this amazing science and the way our bodies work. I also want to say that I am extremely happy you are here reading these words.  So, here is a little bit about this long journey. I was born and raised in Colombia South America. After High School, I chose to study Veterinary Medicine because I love animals they have been a source of inspiration and well-being. Following my graduation, I worked with pets or small animals in a Vet Clinic. During this time, I was also a college professor in this field.


I moved to the United States in 1999 to be close to my family.  Improving my English has been a constant work in progress. Today, with a lot of patience and effort, I can say I am proficient in this difficult language.

Another passion of mine has been to help people.  With my background as a First Responder for the Red Cross, I decided to join the United States Army that has similar goals.  Along the way, I learned the culture and met great people who live in this great country.  After my honorable discharge, I continue to serve the community through the New Mexico Army National Guard which is more aligned with my goals in life. 


At the same time, in my quest to find ways to help people, I took many classes at the Central New Mexico Community College (CNM) graduating as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).  In my practice as a CNA, I saw many sick people who had little motivation to continue living. I was shocked, so, I said to myself, ‘there must be a better way to help people before they go into despair!”

I went to study in the disease prevention field and obtained a Master's in Public Health (MPH) at the New Mexico University (UNM) in 2013. Soon after, I worked for the CDC in Ohio for two years. However, with all this background and experience I felt there was still something missing.  I continued looking for answers of how to better help my fellow human beings. In 2012, I went back into my spiritual journey, where I found the answers that I have been searching my entire life.  Today, I want to share this knowledge, and it is my hope, people can take advantage of this. 

Looking inward, I discovered that I have the gift of love, which allows me to understand the people who are in my family and friends circle, those who work for me, and those who I serve. Do to my mixed background I also relate with ease to different cultures.


Lastly, I found also that I believe in miracles and fairy tales. Miracles happen in our life and around us every second of our life. Because life itself it is a miracle.

I believe that It is just the matter of time for the humans to connect to our brother and sister from the stars. (Read more about the subject). However, to do this, we must accept each other the way we are and must end the wars we have created due to our differences and perspectives.  What a boring world this planet would be if everyone looks that same and thinks the same.  The beauty of planet earth is in diversity we encounter every single day in our life.


I think that each one of us has something special to give to our society and our world.  I believe that everyone should be able to have a happy life and do what they love to do, and I would like to help people doing it.


Thank you for your attention to these materials. Subscribe to this web page,  I certainly look forward to knowing more about you. 


My Education

Master of Public Health

Specialty: Health Behavior, Health Education, and Epidemiology                                         

School of Medicine, the University of New Mexico,

Technical Report “Community Gardens and Farmer’s Market: Benefits in Cardiovascular Diseases Prevention”


Doctor Veterinarian Medicine   

Education Abroad Degree from Colombia  

Tolima University, Ibagué Tolima, Colombia South America

Public dissertation presentation as requirement for graduations

My Past Life Experience


Chronic Disease Prevention

  • Promoted physical activity and nutrition, and educated residents conducting personal interviews and self-develop several different educational materials. In this way, I helped the residents and health providers to overcome the obesity problem.

  • Developed the strategic plan for the Coalition for Activity and Nutrition (CAN) to include goals and objectives for the next five years.

  • Assisted during the Clermont county strategic planning. 

  • Wrote several newspaper articles about the importance of physical activity and the importance of collaboration among agencies.

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Using data collection and analysis, gathered information on food deserts in Clermont County, and reported the results to local leaders for a better understanding of the obesity problem around Clermont County. 

  • Developed surveys, tabulated the results and submitted them to the stakeholders, assisting with the local implementation of program evaluation.

  • Fact-checking food critical violations in Clermont County leading to a better understanding of the problem and better planning for future training.

  • Reviewed customer feedback, conducting fieldwork in the Bernalillo County Pathway Program (BCPW) designed to reduce unmet needs for improving the overall health of the county’s population.

  • Administered post interviews to evaluate program effectiveness.

  • Collected and analyzed quantitative and qualitative data and make recommendations to improve the BCPW program.

  • Identified and implemented changes to the post-evaluation method to increase the response rate. 

Emergency Preparedness

  • After the identification of natural and human-caused disaster analysis, provided guidance and subject matter expertise related to the ongoing emergencies.

  • Developed County-wide emergency preparedness and response technological documents according to the evaluation of the vulnerability of people, property, the environment, to those hazards. Supported training and exercise events.

  • Attended educational events and obtained certifications to meet departmental needs. 

  • Evaluated the local and state radiological response capacity leading to a better understanding of training community needs.

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