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Complementary Products to Trim and Detoxify

Reaching your healthy weight just got easier. The Weight Management Bundle combines four kapha-reducing products to help you maintain robust digestion, natural detoxification, and healthy elimination.*

  • Kapha Digest stimulates agni, the digestive fire, with heating spices, ginger, pippali, and black pepper, to burn fat and promote complete absorption and assimilation of foods.*
  • Trim Support continues the gentle detoxification by scraping away digestive build-up and supporting a healthy metabolism.*
  • The best complement to the tablet formulas is an external application, and Trim Balm is the perfect way to target specific areas of the body that could use some extra stimulation. The herbal powerhouses of Trim Balm, chitrakand guggulu, help to invigorate circulation and metabolism, especially when applied before or after your daily exercise.*
  • Once the target areas have been stimulated, and the internal accumulations of fat and water have been digested and scraped away, they need to be eliminated, which is exactly what Triphala does so well. The three fruits of Triphala cleanse the colon and in turn, nourish all the tissues of the body. Triphala is also available in liquid extract and as a powder. Incorporate these herbal products into your weight management daily routine, and couple with a diet of fresh whole foods for the best results.*

Weight Management Bundle

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