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Interstellar Alliance _ Social Experiment _

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Dr. Liliana Cittrine
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Step 1: Do not engage in any shape of form in any conspiracy theory. this includes conversations, peoples opinions, post, share

Conspiracy Theory Definition: A conspiracy theory is a belief or explanation that suggests that events or situations are the result of a secretive, often sinister, plot by a group of people or organizations. These theories typically propose that powerful individuals or entities are working together behind the scenes to manipulate events, control outcomes, or deceive the public for their own gain. Conspiracy theories often lack credible evidence and rely heavily on speculation, conjecture, and mistrust of authorities or mainstream narratives. They can cover a wide range of topics, from government actions to scientific phenomena to historical events, and can vary significantly in their plausibility and impact.



A COUNTDOWN TO CONTACT: Join us to prepare for contact! Sha...



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