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Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude. Life starts with your breath, life starts with stepping into the present moment and life starts with GRATITUDE. When we take the moment to really breathe, become present and look around at what we have it is then that we become truly abundant. In order to feel truly abundant in life, we must first learn the art of gratitude. The constant social conditioning and consumer society that we live in today would have us think otherwise. We are bought and sold the idea that who we are, what we have is not enough, and to strive for bigger, better, and brighter things. But when does this stop? This feeling of always wanting more will always lead to a chase with no end. Life becomes so busy that we run around in circles never really truly stepping into a place of gratitude for what we have right here right now. There is always something to be grateful for even in times of hardships.


So today's task is about exploring how daily gratitude can lead to a more fulfilled sense of life and bring joy in moments that before felt ordinary. Gratitude helps you to slow down, put life into perspective and come from a place of love. So take a moment today to really look at what you have right now in this present moment. Repeat these affirmations adding in the things you are grateful for. Start with the basics then get creative. Have fun!!, living life through gratitude is about being happy for what is and not what could be and what we don't have.

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