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Creating our Destiny, Creating our reality.

After so much research on science and spirituality, there is nothing more exciting than sharing this information, with you. The information that I have acquired during the last 30 years of my life.

It seems that I see the world upside down, and I cannot see the world the way most of the people who live on this planet. However, this information is my truth and, and I would like to share it with the world because I have never been so happy and confident that finally, I have understood the truth I have been looking to find for so many years.

Well, it turns out that the believes that we have, helps creates our reality, and at least, we let go all the believes that we have bought into and do not serve us to create a reality that we want, we will continue creating a reality that we do not want to create.

Our conscious and subconscious believes, our words, our thoughts are the real reason we create our reality in front of us. Therefore, many times we want something consciously, but we believe, we do not deserve it, we continue creating a reality that we do not want to create.

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