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Magic is Real.

I have always been fascinated with what some people call Magic but at the same time. I have rejected it due to the fear it represented in my life. After my divorce, I turned into an understanding of spirituality, and I became obsessed with the idea that we create our own reality.

After listening to many unconscious channelers, I made the conclusion that in a way, we may have been fooling ourselves into believing that all that we see is all that exists. In reality, all that we see is just limited by our senses. We can see through our eyes, hear with our ears, and feel through our hands. However, all that we see, hear or touch is limited by our senses. We invent machines such as the microscope and many other machines, but at the same time, when we use those machines, all we see hear or touch is limited by our own senses.

Many times, I ask myself, what about if we could see as much as a hawk. What we would see under the microscope? Or we could hear as much as a horse? what we would hear during our experiments and research. In other words, if we have the capacity of seeing more with our naked eye, if we had the capacity of listening more than we can hear with our ears; or if we have any of our senses more developed, our entire science would be very different.

That is the reason, I continue searching for the truth, and the understanding of how this universe works and how this universe really functions. Therefore, I really think that what we call Magic is everything that we do not have the capacity of seeing, hearing, or touch because of the limitations of our physicality. Magic is just the way things are and the universe works.


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